The Customer Is Always…First?

Friends of books and stuff:

I was alerted by my wife that my former boss (we used to work together… my wife and I, that is) had pre-ordered a couple o’ copies of Patrick’s Super Socks last week and has ALREADY GOTTEN THEM in the mail.


Here’s the thing: I’ve got an advanced copy already, but I haven’t blogged about it yet, (and I plan to along with a million other things) but I was supposed to get my big ol’ box o’ copies sometime this month. Crazy me, I suspected I’d get ’em before the rest of the world did.

Not so, apparently.

It’s kind of strange, don’t you think? If you go to the LISTING on, you’ll see that the official release date isn’t listed, nor is there a picture of the cover or anything on there, yet. Crazy, I think. Just…plain…weird.

So, (and this is soooo not a sales plug or anything) if you really wanted a copy of my little book (which is not at all indicative of the stuff I USUALLY write) it sounds like you can go right on there, buy one (nevermind that pre-order business) and you’ll get it without delay…

Most likely before I even get mine.