Notes From The Battleground

Editing? It’s hell. A whole lotta hell.

I’ve often said that I’d rather write 3 more novels than edit one of them. It stems most certainly from my very short attention span. I think of 18,000 other things I could be doing and I struggle with myself CONSTANTLY to just stay. on. task.

It’s not easy.

But, I’ve got my red pen in hand and I’m slashing and adding and cutting and rethinking and doing all the stuff that makes me tired to even think about. I’m hoping beyond hopes that I’ll have a decent 3rd draft of GOODHALO done and ready to send out to my top 5 agents by the end of January.

For laughs, here are some random notes I’ve scrawled on my manuscript. Don’t try and make sense of ’em.

“…say something about her mother being eaten?”

“that resembled the village drunks”

“They said their holy cleric words at him…”

“The face continued to haunt him”

“Heavens. More than one? Mayhap.”

“His eyes never left the lumbering creature.”

Yeah. You see what I’m up against.

That being said, my posts are going to be sparse for a while, friends. Don’t worry, there’s a post coming up about the Tegan & Sara show I saw on Friday. Heck, I even got pictures!!!

In the meantime, wish me luck. I’ve got my hands full.