Hot N’ Dirty Holidays

Okay, so there’s nothing hot nor dirty about the holidays, but I thought that sounded a little more exciting than “My Christmas” or “Upcoming New Year Plans” or whatever. Before I get into my usual rambles, I gotta take a moment to acknowledge a very cool honor that’s been bestowed upon my humble lil’ blog. My friend from across the pond, Catherine J. Gardner (a.k.a. Phoenix Rendell) of The Poisoned Apple fame awarded me with this honor:

Pretty cool, really and I’m triple honored to even be linked from other people’s blogs, let alone get an award for my goofy posts. Thanks CG/PR! I’ll treasure it always. The funny thing is, that plastic little lion in the picture reminds me of the hot plastic animals I used to get at the zoo waaay back in the day. Does anyone remember those things? I think the machine you pumped a dollar into used to mold them right there on the spot. Anyway… One of the things I’m supposed to do is pass this puppy on to five bloggers who I enjoy reading & who haven’t already gotten it.

So here we go, in no particular order. The awards go to…

1. Mad props go to my favorite Colorado Writer, Stephanie Blake. Visit her blog at Steph Stuff.

2. Zombies, volcanoes and Futurama, oh my! Courtney Summers, who I’m convinced is my long-lost sister, gets one, too. She’s over at the appropriately titled: Courtney Summers.

3. Another writer pal o’ mine who is currently waiting (with me!) for a wise literary agent to snap us up, Jill over at The Write Way Home.

4. I’d be remiss in not shooting this award to the very funny Jackson Pearce who just recently got news that her book As You Wish will be published in the near future.

I’m going to cheat for this next one and fire it off to the husband & wife team of Miss Sniz & Big Doofus Blog. One is a writer, the other kicked my backside at Halo 3. You figure out which…
Thanks for making my down-time at work (and home) much more interesting with your blogs n’ stuff. You guys deserve a pink lion. Really. Take it.
As for my holidays? Let me keep it brief. I know some of y’all saw the lengthy last post (about Secret Santas) and cashed out, so I’ll serve it up in nice ADD chunks.
– Found out I’m going to be an uncle again.
– Got an advanced advance copy of my book. More on that later… (yeah, like the T& S post!)
– I twisted my back something awful.
– Bought a sweet watch that has an animated skull and flames on it.
– Got stuck in traffic coming home Christmas evening.
– Watched my kid go completely BONKERS over the amount of presents he got.
– Ate some ham.
– Helped my dad who came over despite his trick knee. (The surgery went well, BTW!)
– Drank some skunky Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. (NOT RECOMMENDED)
– Edited like a madman in my ‘spare’ time.
Anyway, it was a decent enough holiday. Laura and I decided we’d go gift free for one-another for the first time ever and neither of us were too bent out of shape over it. Instead we focused on Travis and unloading an insane amount of gifts on him. He scored, big time.
Hope yours was a fine, fine holiday.
Ho ho ho and all that rot.