Good Lord, I Can Hardly Wait.

News flash: I’m a movie geek. Like…a real, bonafide, god-what-a-waste-of-space movie geek. I can tell you who directed movies I haven’t seen. I can also tell you the plot lines for movies that I have absolutely no interest in.

Some people remember baseball stats and football rosters (snicker) and then there’s me.

Movie. Geek.

Anyway, this made me squeal like a little girl today:

The poster for the new Indiana Jones movie is out. Suh-weet.

Yeah. I know I’m totally being set up to be let down, but I can’t…friggin’…wait. When I was a young whipper snapper, I wanted to be the next Indiana Jones. Seriously. I even went and did research on where I could actually find the Ark of the Covenant. I read books, I cracked open my almost-new bible to read passages, I planned trips. I was stone-cold serious about it.

Anyway. I’ll be there on May 22 like the devoted geek that I am.

Believe that.