So Yeah, Ouch.

Okay, well I thought since I’m waiting for my chance to leave work and get on with my least favorite holiday, I’d share with you the ‘adventure’ I had over the weekend.

Here’s the thing. The house we bought (and live in today) has some problems with it. Not end-of-the-world-why-did-we-buy-this-money-pit stuff, but problems nonetheless. Our windows are horrible, the gutter system is a joke, the garage door is junky, the appliances are ready for the curb with a ‘free sign attached to them.

Other than that? Solid.

However, our laundry room is a bit drafty. Laura has mentioned for some time that we need to patch it up and make it all nice n’ warm. Plus, it’s the one room in our house that has a duneon-y look to it. Is dungeon-y a word? It is now!

So, I decided I would put some new insulation in there, sheetrock that bad boy and call it a day. I mentioned it to my friend (Dumb Ol’ Nick) and he wanted to get in on the action. Sweet!

One problem. I’ve never done this before.

Anyway, I won’t drag this out any longer than I need to, but I had a couple of things happen that I wasn’t too happy about. One of them is the disconnecting of our gas dry from the gas line.

Friends, I’m happy to say I knew enough to turn off the gas and didn’t blow up the house, my family and everything else inside. Small victories. What I didn’t do so well, was disconnect the thing without twisting the bejesus out of it.

So yeah, twisted copper pipe. Ruined the line going to the dryer. Nice.

To add insult to injury, I bent the pipe further up and tore a hole in it. This is where I claim it’s not my fault. The connection from the pipe to the dryer was all corroded and didn’t allow for a crisp, smooth disconnect. Stupid previous owners with their corroded connection ways…

I was ready to do a backflip into a dumpster and throw myself away.

So, I had a big piece of copper sticking out of my wall and no clue as to how to fix it. Some people are built for this kind of work (hi dad!), but not me. I don’t know that I ever will be.

Cut to hours later: Nick and I are putting the wall around the broken pipe and screwing the thing into place. I’m down low, below the pipe and getting excited that we’re actually DOING IT, MAN! I put in a screw along the bottom edge of the Sheetrock and come up and…

Scrape. Tear. Ouch.

I grab my face and say a couple words that’d make Andrew Dice Clay blush. I’m fairly certain I’ve torn the eye right out of my head. Nick spins around and there I am, holding my face like I’d gotten sucker punched.

And I did…by that !#$^in’ pipe.

Yes. On my way up from the floor, the copper pipe slashed me across the cheek, leaving a small gash about two inches from my right eye. I realize I can still see (It’s a miracle!) and I ask Nick.

“Dude. Am I bleeding?”

He looks. “No, but it’s really red. Oooh, wait. Yep. Now it’s bleeding.”

So yeah, almost lost the eye, there.

Anyway…I lived, the room got halfway sheetrocked before we lost steam and through some clever toolbuying, advice-asking, I was able to fix my dryer.

(here’s the portion where video game un-enthusiasts can leave the page)

Oh, and I played the best video game ever made for the Xbox 360. Seriously, fellow game nerds. If you’re going to spend $60 on a video game this year, make it Assassin’s Creed. Holy Hannah, Mother of Troy. It’s the most beautiful thing ever. Ever.

Don’t believe me? Check it:

Tell me that isn’t audio-visual crack. Ahhh….

(yeah, I need to get back to editing)

Happy Thanksgiving, turkey maimers!