Red Pen Diaries

Revisions for Goodhalo – First Draft are under way. It wasn’t (and won’t be) easy, but I got a couple of pages marked up real nice n’ red. So much so that my pen (which I suspect was old) ran dry and I had to make a special trip to get ‘the pen’ to mark up my work.

You know how people have a special shirt they wear or don’t wash their socks for like an entire season? Yeah…well, I HAVE to use a certain type of pen or it just isn’t gonna work.

The thing that sucks? You can’t just buy THE RED PEN. You’ve gotta drop $10 to get the 4-pack. It comes with Blue (which is useless) and 2 black pens (that I enjoy). Even so, I would’ve REALLY liked 3 more red pens.

Sorry, Thomas. That’s not an option.
You might be wondering…what is it about this pen that rocks so much? Well, I’m a lefty and as such, I need a pen that has ink that dries almost instantly. The Uniball Vision Micro makes that dream a reality. Also, it make a nice clicky noise when you turn the cap. Besides that, you can see how much ink is left before you have to go and spend another $10 just for one stinking pen.
One. Stinking. Pen.