Back In The Groove? Uh. No.

Maybe it was writing a whole novel in 31 days that did this to me, but I swear, I feel like I’ve just the laziest of slobs this last week or so. Seriously. I’ve been jonesing to work on the editing of my GOODHALO novel for a couple of months, but when given the opportunity last night to do that…I didn’t.

Instead, I played ‘Cars’ (the video game from the movie) on my Xbox 360.

Me. Cars. Xbox. Yeah.

Truth be told, my kid wanted to see Cars in action, so I played it while he was up (the wife is out of town on bidness) so I obliged. After I put him to bed at 8:30-ish, I kept playing…until 11:15pm or so.

Seriously. Help.

As if I wasn’t dumb enough, I have it in my head that I’ll be able to not only edit GOODHALO over the next few months, but also write a NaNoWriMo novel this month. I signed up on the horribly slow, horribly clunky website for my 2nd year and I’m sort of feeling guilty for doing it. I’ll feel like a sack of garbage if I don’t produce something, but I also don’t want to neglect my patiently waiting 1st draft.

What’s a brotha to do?

Anyway, if you see a progress bar for a book called CALL ME CARP in the next few days, know that I’m doing the impossible and trying to juggle a handful of projects (irresponsibly) and the authorities should be called.

In the words of Tegan & Sara, from their EXCELLENT album ‘The Con’ : Encircle me, I need to be taken down.

(I think they’re talking about trees)

From the Worst Uncle Ever Department: I failed to mention that my niece Chloe was born on 10.29.07. It’s my brother’s first kid ever and it’s pretty much (in the words of that raging psychopath Danny Bonaduce) ‘rocking their world to the foundations.’ I think he and my sis-in-law are seeing that wrangling a little one is not as easy as it seems. They were used to golfing everyday, staying up as late as they wanted and dropping everything to travel at a whim’s notice.

Uh…yeah. Not anymore.

I’ll post a picture up here soon, but one that doesn’t have my dumb face on it. There’s a great one of Travis giving his new niece a kiss on her head, but Laura’s in it too and I’m not so sure she’s all that hip to being posted here on Tappity Tappity*

*America’s favorite blog since…well, never.