Those Super Socks

Not much to report today, but I did get an e-mail back from my editor (so weird to say that) in regards to some of the books I’ve got with them that they’ve had for a while. Here’s part of what she said:

“I’ve kept your submissions and will do my best to get them on the list for a future season.”

Hmmm…so does that mean that they’re going to publish them and they just need some wiggle room to get them on the list, or does that mean she’s going to get the higher-ups to sign off on them? I’m resisting e-mailing back because I know they’re ungodly busy right now, so I think I’ll sit tight. I’ve got plenty to mess with in the meantime.

I had asked about the 3 different series I proposed and hadn’t heard back on that, yet. I think they’re so busy they’re just barely staying above water.

No rush. But what really made my day was this next bit:

“On a brighter note, Patrick’s Super Socks is almost done and looks amazing! I wish it was a big picture book.”

Dang. So do I! But hey, baby steps y’all. I’ve got a couple of picture books in my back pocket that I’ve been told have merit, but just need to be whittled down to a ‘fighting weight.’ Maybe when I’m tired of editing GOODHALO and ANNA 2.0, I can get my hands dirty messing with that.

Stay tuned. I’m supposed to see some final illustrations for my little book (PATRICK’S SUPER SOCKS) sometime this month! It’ll be January in no time and you’ll be able to get a copy for your littlest readers.

You know, if you wanted to.