You know, as much as I love October and think this is the best time of the year, I’m really anxious for this October to be over.

– The weather has been crap. I want a crisp, brisk, autumn. Instead, it’s rained like all but 6 days this month. I’m usually not affected by weather (I live in Minnesota, after all) but this garbage is for the birds.

– I’m staying up until midnight or later almost every stinkin’ night trying to get my new book(ANNA 2.0) done during Shocktober. Seriously. I had an EMT call last night and didn’t get home until 10:30. I sat down when I got home and kicked out a couple scenes like it was nothing. Of course, when I went to bed, I had ideas and plot twists and character developments circling around in my head. I ended up falling alseep somewhere around 1:30.

– We still have to make my kid’s ‘Pope’ costume. My wife asked her mom if we could use her sewing machine to put the whole thing together. She said: ‘You know, you’re making a mockery of the Pope by doing that.’ To which my wife responded: ‘That’s the point of Halloween, Mom.’ I wonder, do cowboys, French maids, and zombies get all riled up when they see people dressed like them on 10.31.07? I’m thinkin’ ol’ Pope Benedict won’t lose a wink of sleep.

– A few days until I get the ultimate obstacle in the way of my writing progress. Despite warnings from some of my faithful readers, I’m going to ‘nerd-out’ and get an Xbox 360 and a copy of Halo 3. (I already bought Dead Rising and I’m STOKED to play that) It’s going to be a battle of willpower this weekend with the wife n’ kid out of town and my penchant for blowing stuff up on the 60″. Bliss.

Random Thought: This morning on the radio, one of the ‘personalities’ I listen to used the expression ‘sick as a dog.’ I’ve heard it a million times, but I never really thought about it too hard. I mean, sure. We’ve all seen a dog yak in the yard or make a brown yard malt when their stomach’s are upset, but really…is that the pinnacle of sickness?

Oh…man, I’m sick as a parakeet.

Yeah. I guess dog is better.