Good Fortune

After taking my little fella to his gym class tonight, we stopped at a nearby Chinese buffet for some mouth-watering deliciousness. We usually go there if we don’t want to cook and are so hungry we’re dizzy. After eating, we got some fortune cookies. Laura laughed at how dumb her’s was.

Something about: If you want to fish, you need to build a net.

No thanks. I hate fish.

I cracked mine open, sure I was going to get something equally as lame. But before I read my fortune, I have a weird tradition. I always eat the cookie before reading my fate. It’s sort of my way of saying ‘Whatever it is, bring it. I’m ready.’

After I got the tasty Asian treat down, I peered at the little slip o’ paper. Behold:

Click for a better view.

Best. Fortune. Ever.

(oh…I decided to put the fortune in front of the title page of my book…you know, for good luck)

I’m going to finish the book before the month is up. It’s not even a question, now. It may not be perfect and it might turn out to be a pile of wet garbage roasting in a dumpster in Atlanta, but it’ll be done.

Oh yes, it will be done.