Okay, so it’s October 2nd, but still…this is EASILY my favorite month of the year. Oh, let me count the reasons why…

1. My birthday is on the 19th. I accept cash.

2. Autumn. It’s the only month in Minnesota where it’s truly FALL all month long. September has part of Summer in it and November starts feeling like ‘winter-lite.’ I love the smell of old leaves, campfires, foggy mornings, etc. Plus, it’s awesome to sleep with the windows open.

3. Halloween. Wanna know what my kid is going to be for Halloween? Ask 2 1/2 year old Travis and he’ll tell you plain as day: “I’m going to be the Pope.” And he is. Sorry to those of you who think that’s offensive. I think it’s friggin’ hilarious.

4. Is it me or do all the cool things get released in October? I’m talking DVDs, video games, etc. Seriously. Today alone, a veritable boatload of cool stuff is available to purchase.

5. I’m heading up SHOCKTOBER which is a poor man(and woman)’s version of NaNoWriMo. I’m going to attempt the impossible and write an entire book in 31 days time. Somewhere around 60,000 words. Possible? Heck yes. Will I be able to do it? Who knows???

6. This month I’m going to be scooping up an Xbox 360 so that I can join the rest of the nation’s nerds and play Halo 3. This, combined with #5 is going to be a HUGE exercise in self-restraint.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked.