Got an e-mail from the agent I was hoping was ‘the one’ today.

Writer-Insider Factoid: When you get an e-mail from an agent who has a full copy of your book, it’s not good news. It usually means they’re not going to snap you up and find that multi-book deal.

Such was the case today. It sounds like she liked the book well enough, but not necessarily the voice. Ouch.

Looking back, I can say that there is much to improve in the book and that it’s aged a little bit for my liking. I guess it was worth a shot to dust it off and see if anyone was interested in it. There’s a part of me that still thinks Travis & the Magic Sandbox will see print someday. I guess it’s just not going to be anytime real soon.

(Man, does this sound mopey!)

Anyway, I’m totally fine with it. I have a lot of confidence in Goodhalo and my upcoming project which I have been brainstorming already, so I know it’s all good.

And heck…this ‘agent to be’ said she’d LOVE to see anyof my future works. There still might be a chance that she and I will work together someday.

Here’s to hoping…and more waiting!