Nuggets O’ Fun

Dang. I feel like I’ve been letting my handful of readers down by not putting up posts as often. I know I said it’d be pretty thin this month, but I feel guilty. I know it drives me nuts to log into a blog I love only to see the same Title day after day after day…

So, I’ve compiled some random stuff happening in my world:

Kid – Travis and I tried going to see Ratatouille last weekend. It marked his 2nd trip to the movie theatre. We tried last year for Cars and he lasted about 45 minutes before he got too squirmy to sit still and lost interest. He was much improved this time around, clocking in around 1 hour and 10 minutes before he’d had enough. He loved holding the popcorn himself and drinking copious amounts of (caffeine free) root beer. The highlight? A little girl behind us sneezed during the previews and he said really loudly: “Bless you.” The rest of the people in the audience laughed. Rock star.

Book(s) – Check out the meter on the side. I’m making HUGE strides in the world of Goodhalo. Last night’s writing session was awesome. I went down a path I didn’t expect and now my main character has been ‘marred’ in a pretty sweet way. I joined up with a group on the Verla Kay Blue Boards and we’re all on a mission to finish our drafts by the end of August. Some people are dropping 4,000 words + each time they sit down to write. I haven’t been able to pull that off with two jobs, a kid, a wife and a not-quite-dead social life, but I’m holding my own. Watch that progress bar climb, y’all!

Sicko – Saw the movie Sicko with my dad on Sunday and…wow. As someone who works in the healthcare industry, I can say this with some semblance of authority: Our healthcare system is really, really (did I mention REALLY?) crappy. I know a lot of people think that Michael Moore is an America-hating, pinko liberal jerk…but you can’t deny some of the simple truths presented in this film (and really, in a lot of his films). To that end, I don’t think Michael Moore hates America, he just doesn’t like to follow blindly and accept things that need to change and could be made to work better. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to talk politics because it’s boring, but when it comes to basic things like taking care of people in need who are sick and bankrupt BECAUSE of their medical bills…well, there’s something wrong with the way our country is handling healthcare. So much so, I’m ready to get a passport and move to France. I’m not one to force my views on people, but you should really see this movie. It’s eye-opening. Ever since seeing it, I can barely stomach the commercials for medications and get-better-quick miracle drugs that pollute our televisions. Ugh.

*steps off soapbox*

Agents – The agent quest is still underway. I still have THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL out to three agents who are taking their own sweet time reading my little book. I’ve also got Book One of my TRAVIS & THE MAGIC SANDBOX series out with another agent. I’m soooo tempted to poke them a bit and see if they received it, had any questions or ask them what the heck is taking so long. But I won’t. Er…not yet.

Anyway, nothing else new going on in my world. Glad to have my wife back home from her ‘girl’s weekend’ and I’m glad to have a pretty light schedule here at work. I’ve got one person to train today and another to train on Thursday and that’s it. I’ll be freed up to do other projects that have been languishing for a while.

Okay, is it crazy that I can’t wait to get back to writing my book? It’s completely taken me over! Hey, if writing a book with zombies in it is wrong…

…I don’t wanna be right.