Items From The Cube Farm

I brought my camera in to work today to take a picture of a friend. He wants to post his mug on, so I told him I’d help him out. What’re friends for?


Anyway, I thought I’d take some random shots of the dumb stuff in my cube. You can see whatI see when I’m not training those wacky nurses and doctors during the day…

Ah yes…the gateway to paradise.

Not like I’m that big of an ego-maniac that I gotta have my name on my cube twice, but the top piece is from my old job. I was so stoked that they were able to fit my entire name (first, middle, last) on there thatI just need to keep using it. I know. I’m lame.

Coolest. Calendar. Ever.

I stuck myself with a lame Magnetic Poetry calendar last year. This year, I wasn’t going to take any shorts. Since Reservoir Dogs is like…one of the best movies ever, I decided it was time. I sometimes have to ‘censor’ the phrases down at the bottom of the calendar. But speaking of Magnetic Poetry…

The Magnetic Poetry Bandit strikes again!

You probably thought I was kidding about the Magnetic Poetry weirdo, didn’t you? I wasn’t. While it seems to have calmed down a bit in terms of slinging insults back and forth, I thought I’d snap a shot of some interesting exchanges I’ve come across.

Portable watering hole…and child.

I get a request for a meeting and I’m there without my coffee. Why? Well, it’s because I don’t DRINK coffee. Crazy, eh? Never developed a taste for it. I think the smell is even horrid. So, I bring this little bad boy (complete with a sticker of my favorite band Eels on it) and I’m ready for action. In the background? There’s Travis on Santa’s lap and the little man at 1.5 years old.

Stop. Hammer time.

And of course…the required action figure. This here is Elijah Wood as ‘Kevin’ from the movie Sin City. He’s a bad guy and he’s got a sledge hammer. I mean, who could pass this up? Well, I probably could’ve, but it was on close-out for like $3! Sold!

Party people can ya hear me?

A photo of yours truly taken at a Christmas Party a year and a half ago. Somehow, I got enough delicious Miller High Life in me to step up to the mic. I belted out Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love a Bad Name.’ I never really saw what I look like singing. I guess I sort of get into it.

But seriously. Seeing all these treasures…doesn’t it just make you wanna stay a cubicle rat forever? No? Yeah…me neither.

HOT NEWS: Another request for a full came in today for THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL.

THE SHORT BUS JOURNAL – 3 agents – 1 publisher
3 SERIES PROPOSAL – Going to be sent tonight
MINE! – Almost ready for submitting
OTHER QUERIES – Too numerous to count

Have a good weekend, everyone.

You deserve it.