Chapter 20…And I’m Sorta Bored.

*spoiler free zone*


Well, I’m truckin’ my way through Harry Potter 7 and I’m going to be honest: I’m sort of bored with it. I won’t give any spoilers or anything like that, but I kind of thought it started with a bang and it feels like Ms. Rowling has just sort of padded the middle with stuff that could (dare I say it!) have been edited out and no one would’ve missed it.

Before you cast some Instant Death curse on me, I must let you know I think the movies are even more boring. I sort of cashed out after Harry Potter 3. Just long, dull and (in my most humble of opinions) lacking any real excitement. It should be noted I have a REALLY short attention span.

Hey, what’s that over there?

Ahem. I have heard that movie # 5 is decent. Some say it’s the best of the bunch. Then again, they say that after every new HP movie.

But, I’ll finish it in the next week. The thing that’s sorta making me itchy-scratchy is that it’s taking away my Goodhalo time. Sure I kicked out another chapter on Friday, but if I’m going to first draft this sucker by summer’s end, I’m going to need to pull out all the stops in August.

I know I can do it. It’ll be rough n’ rugged, but I think I’ll finish the first installment.

Anyway, I’ll report what I think of Harry Potter 7 when I finish it. Who knows? Maybe the end will make it all better.

Some exclusive Goodhalo* factoids:

Right now, the first book is simply called: Goodhalo There’s going to be a little subtitle, but I have yet to figure out what it is.

The second book will be called: Goodhalo: Flight of the Familiar

And…I just figured out (on Friday night, whilst sleeping) what the third book will be called: Goodhalo: Name of the Father

I’m so excited to get this thing done. In true Thomas fashion, I completely concepted ANOTHER idea for a book. I need to flesh out the idea, but I think it’s going to rock. Yep. Just put it on the list of things to do. *sigh*

All right. I need to get some shut-eye.

Be careful out there.

*Goodhalo is my current work in progress. It’s a young adult/fantasy/adventure book I’m writing. You can read a short, clunky synopsis about it here.