Hey Party People. What up?

If you were looking for my very first Thursday 13, it’s right here. You could, you know, scroll down and see it, but I know some of y’all are all about the convenience. Me? I love a good value.

Actually, I just like the word ‘value.’ Try it out a couple times. Value. Vaaaaaluuuuue.

Okay. Enough on that.

Some cool stuff happening in the world o’ TKT. Since I consider you friends, I’m going to pass on the value to you. (see how I did that? you’ll never heard the word ‘value’ the same way again.

– A friend of mine and I talked a long time ago about working on a picture book idea I came up with years ago. She’s a fantastic artist and I’m a tepid writer when it comes to the ol’ picture book. So, I’m dusting off my old book The Girl Who Beat Winter and she’s drawing up some sketches for it. Now, I know. Most publishers don’t want you to have an artist do your drawings for you. That’s fine. We’re doing this mostly for fun anyway. If anything, it’ll inspire me to finally whittle the book down to fighting shape and maybe get that sucker out in the running. When I’ve got some sample pictures, I’ll share ’em right here, folks.

– Another agent has requested a full of The Short Bus Journal yesterday. I was more than happy to fire my little book his way. So, for those keeping track, there are 3 fulls of my book out in the world. 1 with a publishing house, 2 with agents. Write home when you can, kids. Daddy wants to know how you’re doing.

– With some help, I got my query letter for (wait for it) Travis & the Magic Sandbox – Book 1 back into fighting shape. Since I really didn’t send it out to that many agents the first time, I’m going to give my big ol’ kids adventure book another shot at superstardom. I figure: Why not? It would be pretty sweet if someone liked it enough. The reason? Travis & the Magic Sandbox – Book 2 is complete and BOOK 3 is already started. I expect the first round of queries to hit the e-mail boxes of agents today sometime.

– Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic this week, but I also have been giving some thought to getting my other abandoned book Make the Monsters Your Friends another shot. I was originally going to work on this with another artist friend and self publish it just to make ourselves feel good, but since he was flaky and I sort of didn’t want to ‘waste’ the idea on a vanity press, I need to knuckle down and pare it down to something submittable.

Remember how I was saying a couple days ago how my plate was full? The stupid thing is overflowing, now.

So, that’s all the value I can pack into one day. I’m doing my best to keep my hands in a bunch of projects so I can get a little more serious about getting a foothold in this goofy, goofy industry. I mean, c’mon. I can’t work in a cubicle farm forever.

Wait. Let me put that another way. I WON’T work in a cubicle farm forever.

I will, however, continue to fight fires and remain one of Woodbury’s top EMTs.

That’s the value I bring.