Plate? Not Full Enough, Apparently.

Yo, yo, yo.

Well, I did something that might be construed as kind of stupid yesterday. You know that company that’s going to publish my wee little book next January? Well, they’ve told me that I’m welcome to submit ideas for future books and/or series and well, I sort of just came up with like 3 different series ideas.

Yeah. With about 7 books in each series.

I’ve got some fleshing out to do, but I think at least 2 of the series are solid enough that they may want to pick them up. If so, I’m going to be a busy fellow. If not, back to the drawing board to see what other ‘brilliant’ ideas I can come up with.

Oh…and in case you’re wondering, Goodhalo is coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. I still expect the first draft to be done in the next month and a half.


Outside of that? I’m trying to get resources (money, talent, motivation) to get my much-ballyhooed and revolutionary film project underway. It’s the 20 minute sitcom/zombie/musical Oh, Zombie! that is going to be hilarious, disturbing and just plain ol’ goofy. It’ll play like a regular sitcom in that it’ll have opening credits and a couple of ‘fake’ commerical breaks, but it’ll also have some musical numbers (which I have to write) and only one recurring cast member.

If all goes well and if the interest is high (i.e. Comedy Central wants to pick it up as a series) I’ll write the next two and go from there.

Here’s the thing: I’ve never been good at working on mulitple projects at once. I always feel like I’m neglecting my ‘baby’ (my current work in progress) if I’m focusing on other projects. But, the problem is, if I’m not ‘feeling it’ I tend to not work on anything and that’s just like being dead in the water.

Sooo…I’m going to get myself on a strict regimen of producing SOMETHING on an almost daily basis.

There’s some truth to the dumb little blurb beneath my blog title. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time. I guess I can rest when I’m (un)dead.