I Know, I Know, I Know

Happy Post Father’s Day!

Even though I got a couple o’ rejections over the last couple of days, it didn’t detract one iota from having a fantastic Dad’s day. We traveled to Mankato (southern Minnesota) on Saturday to visit the inlaws and spent a lot of time outside with Travis swimming in his pool and carrying on. Got some sun. My father-in-law and I killed some wasps and we all just kind of mellowed out.

I took some great pictures. If I haven’t over-done it already, I might post a couple.

Yesterday we headed home, stopped at an outlet mall and bought some clothes and crap and got home in time to do some chores. Mowed the lawn, cut some old boards down to size and stuffed them in out garbage barrel, and watched Travis swim some more. We ate delicious Chipotle, sat in the air-conditioning, ran some more errands…

Boy, writing all this stuff down makes it sound like a pretty crappy day. In truth, it wasn’t. It was just the right balance of everything and even something as spirit crushing as a rejection letter (or 2!) wasn’t enough to drag me down.

Got a card from my wife and son. Put little guy to bed. Watched 2 episodes of Entourage and then when the rest of the house was asleep, I played my Legend of Zelda game until my eyes couldn’t stay open.

In the words of rapper/actor Ice Cube: Today (well, yesterday) was a good day…