Got It Goin’ On.

I’ve never claimed to be hip & cool when it comes to listening to music. My choices for CDs and the like aren’t going to win me any kind of award for being original or awe-inspiring. I’ve even gotten in heated debates with friends outside of White Castle (waaay back in the day) about what I like to listen to.

Seriously. I got in a fight with my best friend because he was mad that I bought the Kylie Minogue CD. I liked that one song (Can’t Get You Outta My Head) and I never heard the end of it.

That being said, I’m going to see a band I’ve loved for almost 10 years for the first time tonight.

Friends, I’m talking about Fountains of Wayne.

Before you say, “Oh, those stupid ‘Stacy’s Mom’ guys? They suck!” let me put it out there that I’m not a huge fan of that song. These guys are soooo much better than their one major hit. They’ve just put out a new album a couple of months ago (their 5th, I believe) called Traffic & Weather and it’s great.

Now, while some people zero in on the music, I’ve always been a lyric guy. Maybe it’s my love o’ words or the fact that I love a good story…or heck, maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m one of them there writer types. Regardless, Fountains of Wayne are LYRICALLY SOUND.

Don’t believe me? Check out the lyrics to STRAPPED FOR CASH or one of my personal favorites TROUBLED TIMES.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked. It’s funny how I stumbled on them. My little brother (who is 32!) was dating some crazy woman who worked for a record company’s publicity department. She used to get boxes and boxes of CDs and one of them was a promotional CD for Fountains of Wayne’s 2nd CD Utopia Parkway. My bro didn’t want them (he had like 5 copies), so I snagged one and put it in my pile of stuff to listen to.

It sat there for a year, pretty much ignored. God knows how long later, I slapped it into the CD player and gave it a listen. I was just about ready to eject the disc after a song or two when I could feel their hooks and lyrics starting to pull me in. The songs were catchy, the subject matter was interesting and each song told a different story somehow related to the others. Before I knew it, I had the CD in my car on constant rotation.

The rest, my friends is history.

So, First Avenue…tonight. 8pm! It’s on…