Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I’ve Had My Share…

Hiya Kiddos,

Well, I wish I was slapping up a new post up here to say that I got snapped up for agent representation over the weekend, but…I didn’t. In fact, the agent (HR) I thought was a ‘lock’ (if there is such a thing) was kind enough to let me down easy before the long weekend. She sent me a nice long e-mail thanking me for the opportunity and such, but in the end it wasn’t something she thought she’d be able to sell. Ugh.

Them’s the brakes, I guess.

So, what the heck did I do over the long weekend? We put in a huge patio behind our house. That was LOADS of fun…and by loads, I mean, literally loads. We loaded gravel, we unloaded big old clumps of dirt and grass. We loaded sand. And the best part? We loaded 240 square feet of gray stone around the house and down the hill to the backyard. So yeah. LOADS.

I wish I could say that old age hasn’t hit yet, but it has. I was sore for a good 2 days after all of the manual labor. I thanked whatever resides in the heavens that I don’ t do that kind of stuff for a living. It was murder, but the end result is pretty sweet. We’ve finally got a place to park our patio furniture (it was in our garage for a year) and now we can actually grill behind the house as opposed to the front of the garage like some sort of barbarian family.

The other cool thing? I finally found a Wii! I know, I know. Just what I need, right? Well…right! I totally needed it. We had the in-laws over (they were commissioned to help with the patio) and we played that sucker for hours. As if we weren’t sore enough, I punched my arms out trying to knock my brother-in-law out from Wii Boxing.

He kept saying: ‘Rematch.’
I kept saying: ‘Eat canvas, sucka!’

Let it be known. As an ex-kickboxer, I like to knock suckas out.

Excellent times. Outside of that, we got one of those cool bike trailer things for Travis to sit in. He loves it. Everytime the little fella sees the bike-thingy, he says: ‘Go for a ride?’ He slaps on his Spiderman 3 helmet and is laughing the whole way through our neighborhood.

All in all, a good weekend…despite the bad news I got at the onset.

This weekend: The 2nd half of the zombie movie ‘Art of War’ resumes filming. My part is going to be filmed starting Saturday! From the pictures I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be pretty sweet. I’ll post a couple select shots soon…