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Hot N’ Dirty Holidays

Okay, so there’s nothing hot nor dirty about the holidays, but I thought that sounded a little more exciting than “My Christmas” or “Upcoming New Year Plans” or whatever. Before I get into my usual rambles, I gotta take a moment to acknowledge a very cool honor that’s been bestowed upon my humble lil’ blog. My friend from across the …

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Secret Santa Sucker.

All right, let me just get this out there. I don’t like doing Secret Santa. I’d go so far as to say I absolutely HATE the whole Secret Santa process. Before you brand me as a giant scrooge with a big scrooge head and dumb scrooge breath, let me explain…

There’s a reason.

Let’s roll back to the clock, shall…

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Okay, so this is kind of a crazy thing.

I got bored this morning, so I did a search on Amazon for my upcoming kid’s book (PATRICK’S SUPER SOCKS) that’s due out next month and found THIS.

How weird is that? It’s like it’s going to be a real book…you know, like the kind you can order? Sure it doesn’t …

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(Tap, Tap) Is This Thing On?

So yeah, it’s been a rough couple o’ weeks at the House of Troupe.

Firstly, we’ve been sick. Crazy sick. We’re talking something akin to the black plague, except without all the death and craziness. It was like a close second. Okay, maybe not, but still, it was pretty bad. – My wife had pink eye for a good week.…

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Good Lord, I Can Hardly Wait.

News flash: I’m a movie geek. Like…a real, bonafide, god-what-a-waste-of-space movie geek. I can tell you who directed movies I haven’t seen. I can also tell you the plot lines for movies that I have absolutely no interest in.

Some people remember baseball stats and football rosters (snicker) and then there’s me.

Movie. Geek.

Anyway, this made me squeal like …

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Notes From The Battleground

Editing? It’s hell. A whole lotta hell.

I’ve often said that I’d rather write 3 more novels than edit one of them. It stems most certainly from my very short attention span. I think of 18,000 other things I could be doing and I struggle with myself CONSTANTLY to just stay. on. task.

It’s not easy.

But, I’ve got my …

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The Art of War – Trailers

So…remember that zombie movie I was involved in early summer of this year? Well, I’d love to say it’s done and ready for screenings all across this great land of ours, but the truth is…

It isn’t.

In the meantime, the director has put together a couple of really cheesy (in a good(?) way) trailers for the movie which is …

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So Yeah, Ouch.

Okay, well I thought since I’m waiting for my chance to leave work and get on with my least favorite holiday, I’d share with you the ‘adventure’ I had over the weekend.

Here’s the thing. The house we bought (and live in today) has some problems with it. Not end-of-the-world-why-did-we-buy-this-money-pit stuff, but problems nonetheless. Our windows are horrible, the gutter …

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Boy, oh boy… Do I have some stories to tell from the weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t do it just now. Here are some hints:

Doesn’t Include:
– Getting an agent
– Getting published
– Getting Goodhalo edited

Does Include:
– Sheetrocking a laundry room
– Ruining a dryer
– Almost poking my eye out
– Playing best video game ever…

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What Was I Thinking?

Do you ever post something and wonder…what was I thinking? I’m talking specifically about the picture of myself over there —-

Seriously. I look like I drank a big ol’ can of dumb and belched out stupid.

I’m all about making dumb faces, but I look like a thick n’ meaty meathead who likes to eat meat and chew meat-flavored …

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